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Paper and Smiles Beeswax Wrap Blocks

Beeswax Wrap Block

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These pre-made wax blocks are the perfect way to start you wrap making journey.  I have been making ad using my own wraps for over a year now and after lots of experimenting I have reached the perfect recipe.

These blocks can be used to make new or replenish existing wraps.  Each block will make approximately 2 medium sized wraps.


Beeswax, Damar & Pine Resin, Jojoba Oil

To make your own wraps you will need the following:

A grater (preferably old, or 2nd hand as you will not be able to use for food again), some baking or greaseproof paper, an iron, some prewashed cotton material, lightweight, single weave is best (heavier cottons will use more wax mix).


Use pinking shears to cut the material to the desired size and place on a layer of baking or greaseproof paper (bigger than the wrap, as the wax will spread once melted), grate the wax block & sprinkle sparingly over the fabric, place another layer or two of baking paper over the fabric and wax (you need to ensure that the wax mix doesn’t get onto your iron) and iron - on cotton setting, until the wax has melted and distributed evenly over the wrap. Keep adding a little wax and ironing until the wrap is evenly covered. Quickly remove the wrap from the paper while the wax is still liquid, waft your new wrap until dry, then roll and store ready for its first use.

Use – Do not use your wraps directly with raw meat or fish or in the oven or microwave.  Wash in mild soapy water.  Store away from heat sources.

Damar & Pine Resins are natural tree resins and are used in their unprocessed form for these blocks, there may be a few specks of bark in the blocks – this can be removed when the wax is melted onto the fabric.