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Coronavirus Policy

The Government has removed all Coronavirus guidelines and restrictions, however Covid is still being transmitted in the community.   I want to keep the studio open and running safely for all customers and visitors and myself.  I have put several procedures in place at the studio, as outlined below.  Hopefully these guidelines will help to keep us all safe and allow us to get back to being our best creative selves in the studio again.  These guidelines will be reviewed and replaced to reflect and changes in local restrictions and Government policy.

The following procedures are in place.

Risk Assessment

There is a risk assessment in place for the studio which covers the risks associated with Coronavirus, all hirers and guest workshop teachers will be familiarised with this prior to using the studio.


There is one set of doors and windows for the studio – weather allowing the windows and doors will be open to allow as much fresh air to be circulating in the studio as possible.  Please bring something warm to wear – the studio doesn’t get the sun until later in the day and even on warm days it can be quite chilly in the studio (the heating will be on if it’s cold)! 

There is a seating area outside the studio – weather allowing workshops and drop ins will utilise the outside area.

Cleaning & Hand Hygiene

The Studio will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day, and in between workshops.  Throughout the day areas of high traffic such as door handles, tables, chairs and equipment will be cleaned.

There are hand sanitising stations located at the entrance to the studio and on the door to the toilet. 

The toilet is owned by another business, and has no hot water, there is hand soap and paper towels available.  The toilet is cleaned regularly throughout the day and there are antibacterial wipes in there for people to wipe down surfaces after they have been touched.

Extra hand sanitiser bottles and antibacterial wipes will be available during workshops. 

There is hot water, hand soap and paper towels available for hand-washing in the kitchen.

Visiting the Studio

Please do not come to the studio if you or anyone in your household has Coronavirus, or the symptoms of Coronavirus.  If you are due to attend a workshop hosted by the studio, please notify me by email: as soon as you are able to so that I can try and fill your space on the workshop.

Mask Wearing

It is no longer compulsory to wear facemasks in the studio, visitors are very welcome to wear facemasks.  Mask wearing is strongly encouraged when there are larger groups in the studio.  Three-layer disposable face coverings are available for your use – just ask at the counter if you require one.

Safe Numbers in the Studio

The studio is approximately 300sq ft in size.  With social distancing of 2 meters in place a maximum of 8 people could be in the studio at any time.  With social distancing of 1 meter in place a maximum number of people in the studio could be 33.  The UK Government has removed the requirement for social distancing however, there will still be a limit on numbers in the studio at any one time – The number of people in the studio will never exceed 33 as a maximum.  Workshop numbers are always limited to smaller groups and drop-in sessions will be limited to a maximum of four groups inside.  Parents of children attending parties at the studio are encouraged to drop their children off. [i]


[i] Paper and Smiles Studio Coronavirus Guidelines – last review 26/03/2022