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When will I be opening again?

The short answer is not yet (sorry), if you want to know more about my plans please read on!

I have really missed having the studio open, hosting other tutors, workshops and parties - most of all meeting new people and seeing all your lovely and smiley faces.

This is a really hard post for me to write, as I am an extremely anxious person and catastrophizing is my game!  You give me any situation and I can give you any number of worst case scenarios for it - the last few months as you can imagine have intensified these feelings for me.  I have my anxieties under control, but for me personally opening the Studio and starting to host workshops and parties would be a step too far for my mental health.  I have therefore decide to postpone the opening of the studio until I feel comfortable sharing the space with more than just my husband and son! 

When I opened the studio I wanted to create a space where people could come, escape and feel relaxed and joyous.  I hope that in the not to distant future I will be in a position to open my doors to you all again. 

So what next I hear you say?  I have been quietly working away on some new kits, hopefully these will be available to buy online from late summer.  I have also gone back to my business origins and have been printing with Lino blocks again, being creative really is a great tonic - hopefully there will be lots of new products filling up my store over the coming weeks and months.  There will also be some more video tutorials and crafty blogs coming your way soon.

I have been re-jigging the studio so that I have two clearly defined spaces, a shop section and a separate section for workshops (I will share photos once it's a little less chaotic here).

Over the summer I will slowly be updating my website and adding all of the craft kits and my range of products old and new, keep an eye out for my social media for updates.

I hope that you will all continue to support me - I am looking forward to the day when I can fling those studio doors open to you all again!

Thanks for reading if you have got this far!

Take care all

Kirsty x

 PS - how has your mental health been these last few months?  I have found being kind to myself has had a huge impact on how I deal with the dark feelings that I'm sure you have been feeling too occasionally.  I heard a bit of advice earlier this year, that said speak to yourself how you would speak to one of your best friends.  Everytime I am feeling a bit low or having a wobble I do this now, and it truly has changed the way I deal with those negative feelings that creep into all of our heads every now and then!  Try it next time you are feeling a bit low.   Be kind always (especially to yourself)  x 



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