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New - Carnival Mandala Collection

Carnival - New Mandala greeting cards - available now 🌈🎉

Sometimes things really do go to plan! Well the truth is in fact there was no “plan” to create these. Instead I sat down on a dark, wet miserable day to do a bit of recreational doodling to cheer myself up (I was missing the glorious summer) and this little lot just spilled out!  

I was using my brightest colour palettes, thinking of the summer, summer clothes, festivals and Carnivals and they just kept coming. I don’t think I have been so creative in just one day for a very long time! 

I hope one you love them as much as I enjoyed creating them. I’m certainly going to frame a few to help keep my spirits up when the dark nights get here.  The biggest problem I will have is deciding which ones are my favourites! 


Kirsty xx 

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